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On this page is information about our gallows brackets and other products. Please note we are not able to offer advice on individual building work.
gallows bracket construction / council regulations / chimney stack removal / rawlbolts / custom made brackets

Gallows bracket construction
Below is a diagram of our B2 Gallows bracket. All our brackets are made to the highest standards and are finished in red oxide primer.

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Local Authority regulations
Individual local authorities require different types / sizes of gallows brackets. Contact your local authority's planning department who will be able to help you with any queries.

A list of local authorities can be found at the following links:

The Party Wall is the wall separating adjoining homes, buildings, or pieces of land. Permission is needed from all parties concerned in accordance with "The Party Wall Act of 1996".
Guidance notes are available from the Department of Communities and Local Government

Helpful website's: Government's online planning and building regulations resource for England and Wales) Wall Guidence Notes)
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Chimney stack removal
The diagram below shows a basic installation of two B2 gallows brackets with 5mm plate with 70mm angle.

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Rawlbolts should always be used when attaching gallows brackets to masonry or concrete walls. Rawlbolts should always be fixed directly into the masonry and not into the mortar joint. We stock a small range of RawlBolts. Click here for RawlBolts

A wide choice of Rawlbolts are available, a list of Rawlbolts can be found at the following link:

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Custom made brackets
We offer a complete custom made gallows bracket service. If you have detailed drawings or basic dimensions we are able to give you a free quote. Below are a few examples of past brackets. Click here for custom made brackets.
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